Host and house - der Tharerwirt

Der Tharerwirt: House and host

Staying with friends

A place to feel good – with a history. Immerse yourself in the traditions of the region. Becoming friends instead of guests. Family atmosphere with the hosts always on site, because father Georg and son Peter run the business together. In short: A stay at Tharerwirt is much more than just a holiday. You can get a small preview here, but you should definitely experience it for yourself.

The young and motivated host Peter takes great pleasure in interacting with the guests. You can normally find him in the office or in service. Do you have a question or other type of request? Peter will help you wherever he can and give you advice. Father Georg is more in the background, but is still busy in the house every day with garden maintenance, caretaker work and everything else that comes up. He also likes to cook for the guests.

„For me, love of home means making our guests friends of the country and the house. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible so that they would like to stay longer.“
(Son Peter)

Love of home

Located in the centre of the municipality of Olang and offering 28 rooms and five suites, there is something for every holiday need. The location is ideal and the leisure possibilities are limitless: It is the starting point for hikes and bike excursions in summer and unlimited skiing fun in winter – Kronplatz is only a few minutes’ drive away.

And after the fun? Comes the relaxation! In our spacious wellness area with sauna landscape, relaxation room and whirlpool. Our kitchen team provides unforgettable moments of pleasure: Mediterranean specialities meet traditional South Tyrolean cuisine. Much appreciated and simply delicious.

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Der Tharerwirt of Olang: Peter Sigmayr

The Tyrolean innkeeper and freedom fighter was born in 1775 at Tharerwirt in Mitterolang. To this day he is regarded as a hero of parental love. Pursued by the French in 1809, he fled and hid on his father’s farm. When his father was arrested and threatened with death unless his son appeared, he surrendered. He was shot on 14 January 1810.

„Give me the old father, take me, General!” The father called out: “Why do you surrender? […] They lead the son to his death, only one stood by him, they bound his eyes and take aim, one, two, three! “God keep you, my father, my wife, farewell! We are to honour our parents! This is true in the land of Tyrol.“
(Peter Sigmayr)

Land Tyrol

Since 1910, a six-metre-high sandstone statue has commemorated the hero of 1809/10 – on Peter Sigmayr Platz in Mitterolang. The Tharer landlord is shown holding his coat protectively over his father. A small house museum was also set up in the hotel to honour the story.